Seriously, this just keeps getting better and better!!!

Simple… Easy To Use ... TAX FREE CASH
Every Month ... just take a look at these amazing stats ...

Just think, if you'd got in on this ridiculously simple LOW COST system when we launched it at the end of 2016 ... and taken all the selections you'd been offered ...

... staking just £50 ...

... by now, you too could have a CLEAR TAX-FREE PROFIT of

... and £281.75 profit already in the first 11 days of January proves you can still
'CASH IN' in 2019!!!

What's great about this programme is that in literally just a couple of minutes a day, USING ONLY YOUR SMARTPHONE, you really can 'cream off' around £500 to £1,000 EVERY MONTH TAX-FREE (... or even more if you want to) from the horses WITHOUT knowing a thing about racing or EVER having to watch it!!

What's even more exciting however is ...

 ... the profits are made long before any horse even starts to run!!!

(Watch the video below to see how genuinely quick and easy this is to do - it literally takes just a few minutes a day!)


This all started back in mid 2016, when one of my research team walked into my office, dropped a folder on my desk that contained a series of numbers and simply said "there you go" ...

... before turning round and walking out without saying another word!

I remember it well, it was the day that Apple made the usual song and dance when they unveiled the new iPhone7!

It was also the day that I'd been waiting for as this guy was going to finally show me proof that something he'd been working on could actually deliver what he said it could!

Introducing: The PROVEN 'Two Minute Trader Plus' system that could easily make YOU £500 to £1,000 a month (... or more) from the horses WITHOUT knowing a thing about or even having to watch any racing ...


You see, 4 months earlier, while researching another product that I'd asked him to look into, he'd accidentally noticed a small 'anomaly' that seemed to be cropping up when people were placing various bets on horse races, especially if they were being run the following day.

Lee working on the 2 Minute Trader System

Now initially he didn't think much about it but the more he looked into it, he soon realised that this 'phenomenon' wasn't just an occasional coincidence that was happening every now and again ...

... this was actually a regular occurrence that was happening virtually EVERY single night!

Of course he had to be cautious at first but he couldn't help getting excited because he suddenly realised that this was something he could take advantage of in order to 'cream off' a small amount of cash each time it happened!

So, he decided to set up a little test, a form of 'trade' if you like, which essentially involved nothing more than taking a couple of minutes to do something extremely simple in the evening ...

... and then effectively taking another minute or two to 'cancel' it out the next day!

Want to know what happened?

He made a profit of £0.31p!

Lee and Tim discussing the 2 Minute Trader System

Ok, hardly mind blowing but it was enough to get him to try it again a few days later.

This time he made £13.68!

This was followed by £1.88 ...

Then £13.97 ...

And then £0.56p!

The next one broke even.

But when he did it again, this time he made £17.63!

Now obviously these results weren't huge but they were enough to make him feel he was on to something and so he decided to come and tell me all about it.

Now, here's the thing ...

I've been getting more and more involved with trading products in the last few years because without doubt, as long as they're proven to work, they're by far the easiest way of making money for virtually anyone, regardless of their personal circumstances.

So when I saw this I could see instantly ...

... that he'd stumbled upon something that had the potential to easily put hundreds of pounds of extra tax-free cash in your pocket every month WITHOUT the 'big risks' involved in some trading systems ...


Which is why I decided to get him to go away, work on it properly and then test it over the following few months to make sure those early results weren't just 'flukes' or lucky winners so to speak!

Well to cut a long story short, that folder he slapped on my desk in 2016 contained the figures from a little over 4 months testing and from the 327 'trades' that he placed during that time, I have to say ...

... I was truly astonished!

Now I'll reveal the actual numbers in a moment but obviously, because we've been running the system for so much longer now (... and as you can see from the stats at the top of this letter), we've got even more proof as to how well it works.

So, just before I do that, let me explain what this is all about and more importantly why now, more than ever, if you've been looking for a reliable way to make a tidy sum of extra cash each month ...

... this is going to be the
you're ever going to come across!

You see, essentially the system my researcher came up with is all about beating the bookies by 'buying' bets the night before a horse race from a bookmaker and then 'selling' them for a profit the next day with a betting exchange before the race is actually even run!

Don't worry if the concept of betting exchanges and buying and selling bets is a little foreign to you ... they're actually really easy to understand and everything literally only takes a minute or so to do on a smartphone!

Of course, the clever part is in knowing which horses this will work with and it's precisely because I've been so heavily involved in trading systems lately, that identifying the right opportunities to do this is an absolute breeze!

The thing is, because of our 'sports trading' research, my team have exclusive access to a huge amount of data on every single bet that's placed online every day ...

Which is rather like having a 'crystal ball' ...

We can literally see which horses will be popular with gamblers the next day and those that are, usually end up having their odds reduced as it gets closer to the race (... which effectively makes the bets on them become more expensive).

Well the Two Minute Trader Plus system simply works by taking advantage of this increase in the cost of the bet and selling it for a profit the very next day!

It's so simple but what's even more amazing is how reliable it is!

So, do you want to know the results from that folder?

Out of 327 trades placed over the test period, 70.7% of them were profitable, 1% broke even and the other 28.3% made a small loss (... by the way, the losses are always much smaller compared to the wins but a clever little feature we introduced in 2017 is a simple calculator that you can use to minimise these losses even further ... more details in a moment).

Now, when it was averaged out, each one of the 327 trades was worth a profit of £5.75!

Ok, I know that's not life-changing but bearing in mind you can place several of these trades at a time and they literally take about a minute or so in the evening to execute and a couple of minutes the next day ...

... some of them returned profits of £53.67 ... £24.55 ... £14.27 (... in fact one trade made a staggering £229.95 although that was a spectacular result and you shouldn't expect this to happen all the time)!

Obviously results varied but these sorts of profits were quite common and when we added it all up during the initial testing period, the total worked out at an overall TAX-FREE profit of £1,868.38 in just over 4 months for literally a few minutes 'work' a day!

Here's a graph of every single result so you can see how the account grew ...

Incidentally he started with just £110 so he was making very small bets to begin with and then he increased his stake size slightly by re-investing some of the profits he'd made. A 1,590% return on his original investment in just over 4 months isn't bad is it?

Of course I'm sure you're probably very interested to see the full results since we went live with this system at the end of 2016 ...

Take a look at this graph which shows you them all ....

As you can see, they're even better, making it even easier for you to 'cash in' and get hold of this kind of extra tax-free cash ...

... I tell you, you're going to be 'chomping at the bit' to give it a go!!

Now I realise this kind of income is not going to make you rich but let's face it, everyone could do with extra cash these days ... if nothing else just to keep the 'wolf from the door' and keep up with the increasing costs of every day living!

The thing to remember with this system is that it's NOT gambling!

As I said, you're NOT betting on the outcome of a race ...

You're simply trading bets to pull in small, regular tax-free sums which overall soon add up to considerable amounts of cash, while only ever taking tiny financial risks yourself!

Let me give you an example of how it works ...

If you were to place a bet and gamble £50, although there's a chance you could win, you're far more likely to lose that £50!

However if you were to 'buy' that bet for £50 and then 'sell' it for £60 the next day ... 

... then you'll have made a tidy little £10 profit (... don't forget, the price of these bets now increases over 80% of the time).

But let's say that the 'price' of the bet stays the same the next day or in the worst case scenario, it actually goes down (... it doesn't happen often but you do have to expect it from time to time) ...

... well then you simply sell it for the same price you bought it for and break even, or accept the small loss where you have to sell it for less than you bought it for (... although the new special calculator introduced in 2017 I mentioned earlier now enables you to modify your trade in a few seconds and turn approximately three quarters of these into break-evens or wins anyway)!

The REALLY IMPORTANT POINT to remember however is that although we know the price goes up over 80% of the time...

... even if it doesn't ...

... it either stays the same but never falls that much lower than the original.


In other words, if you bought a bet for £50 and sold if for £40, you'd only be £10 out of pocket rather than the full £50!!

Does this make sense?

It's not rocket science but because the odds are stacked so much in your favour and the trade goes your way far more often than it goes against you, overall you simply have to make money!

Now of course, as I said earlier, this system is not going to make you rich ...

But how would you feel about making an estimated £500 to £1,000 a month (... or more) with virtually zero effort ... and I'm talking 'no thinking' and a couple of minutes a day type of zero effort?!

Ok, it's not going to buy you Ferraris, or pay off your mortgage in one hit ...

But it's certainly the kind of cash you could use to pay off a few bills ...

Maybe take an extra holiday or two each year ...

... or to start treating your partner to those well deserved lavish nights out!

The thing is it really doesn't matter what you'd use the extra money for, one thing's for sure ...

When you see just how easy it's going to be to use this highly profitable system you'd be crazy not to do it!

Seriously, when I said this is going to be the EASIEST MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY
you're ever going to come across, I wasn't joking...

... in fact, I think you're going to be staggered with what I'm about to offer you!

You see, because we've got access to so much data about the way people are betting, the easiest way for YOU to take advantage of this system is for US to tell you which horses this will work on.

Of course you could do your own research and if you put enough time into it, I'm sure in the future you'd be able to figure out which horses this will work for in the same way that we do ...

But it would require you to spend many hours finding out what does and doesn't work and months doing your own testing to make sure your criteria for horse selection is viable.

However my researcher has done all the hard work for you already ...

Not only had he been testing in real-time with real money for the 4 months prior to launching this system but now he's also had around two years of LIVE results SINCE the launch ...

... which means he genuinely knows how this actually works best.

It's also why this is such a fantastic new opportunity for you to grab yourself the easiest regular TAX-FREE income that I'm convinced you'll find anywhere!

You see what it boils down to is common sense ...

The thing is, just before we first launched this, Lee had been spending hours manually finding the trades that make this work and he was literally running out of time every evening but when it became clear how big an opportunity this was, there was no way I was just going to shelve it.

So, I soon realised that I had to come up with a way in which everyone could benefit from it so I asked my 'techie' guys to develop a completely automated system for finding every single trade that was viable.

Which is exactly what they did ... and it's been working fantastically!

However, what was even more exciting is that when we were testing it we found that, rather than there being 327 trades available during that previous 4 months, there were actually 450 opportunities that would have worked with the system, but we missed them because of how long everything was taking when we were doing it all manually!

In other words, there was even more opportunity to make more money than Lee did in his test period!!!

And of course this turned out to be the case because ...

... as I said, since we launched this at the end of 2016 the results have actually exceeded that to the point that if you had joined us back then and taken all the selections you were given, staking just £50 each time, you'd already have a tax-free net profit of £19,547.76!

So, are you ready for it?

Do you want to find out why this is going to be the easiest way of making money you're going to come across?

It's certainly not too late ...

In fact, as you're about to see, because this PROVEN system is STILL PROFITABLE in 2019 there's never been a better time to do this!!!

Everything is all set up and ready to go and there's absolutely no reason why we can't send YOU details of all the horses that meet the criteria to make this work!

All you then have to do is place a few trades when they're given to you, a process that literally takes a few minutes and then sit back and collect the profits!

How simple is that?

I told you it was going to be easy ...

Well, it gets even better because ...

... if you do this all from your smartphone, the whole process doesn't even have to interrupt anything else you're doing!!!

How cool is that?

There are no complicated strategies or methods to learn, you don't have to stay glued to a screen all day, you can go about whatever else you're doing and STILL have the opportunity to pick up hundreds of pounds of extra revenue each month from something that is so amazingly simple that you don't even have to think about it!!

Of course you may be wondering why we're only talking hundreds of pounds a month here - why not thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds?

Well, the reason is actually very simple ...

If you start buying and selling bets with much larger stakes that make this kind of income possible then unfortunately the bookies are much more likely to get wind of it and because they're a pretty unscrupulous lot, they're likely to close down your account.

Which is why we've worked really hard to make sure that this doesn't happen ...

By using small stakes and a clever strategy we've developed ( ...and always using a mobile device such as a Smartphone) to make sure you always stay 'under the radar', then you really can beat the bookies ...

As long as you keep the profits reasonable, say no more than £2,000 a month, I tell you, I don't believe there's an easier system for making money out there!

Oh, and by the way, just in case you're wondering if this has anything to do with those 'free bets' and 'matched betting' that you read about, I can assure you it hasn't so even if you've grabbed some cash from them in the past, it won't stop you taking advantage of this amazing new money making opportunity right now!

Ok, if you're interested in this easy money Two Minute Trader Plus system, there's something else I do need to point out ...

You will need a trading bank to get you started which can be as little as a hundred pounds, although if you can put a bit more in, it'll be easier to make slightly larger profits from the outset.

Now, if you decide to join us, there are well over 100 opportunities most months that fit the criteria to make the system work so we figured that the best way for you to make sure that you're getting in on as many as possible ...

... is for us, every evening between 6pm and 9pm, to simply email direct to your smartphone each trade the moment it's identified.

You can then 'buy' the bets, straight from your smartphone, which usually takes less than a minute so it hardly interferes with your evening at all!

It's almost laughably easy ...

The next day, at some point after 11.00 am (... and up to 20 minutes before the race begins), you simply 'sell' them on, more often than not, for a decent profit ...

... and then sit back and be amazed at how quickly the small regular gains of say £53.67 ... £24.55 ... £14.27 soon add up along with the occasional £229.95 thrown in (... these were some of our actual results during our 4 months testing don't forget)!

In fact, what I did is asked my researcher, Lee, to walk me through the whole process from start to finish so that you could see just how incredibly simple the whole process is.

Now, to make things really realistic, he chose an account where he didn't have sufficient funds so he has to make a payment in as well before he can do what he needs to, but, as you can see, the actual 'work' is literally less than 3 minutes to place the trade and around 1 minute to complete it the next day (... of course the video is longer than that because of me asking questions and waffling on!!!)


By the way, just in case you're wondering. On this occasion there were a total of 4 selections and all of them were profitable.

Remember that graph I showed you earlier of our results once we went live with this, the one which showed you how you could have made £19,547.76 profit since we launched this low-cost system at the end of 2016 ... if you'd got in at the beginning?

Now you can see just how easy it is to make money with this system!!

Exciting stuff eh?

When you consider this system works 7 days a week, you really can see how these little 'earners' quickly add up to a very nice additional income!

So what are these amazing features that enable YOU to 'cash in' month after month after month?

Well, since we launched this amazing system we've introduced some fantastic features that make profiting from this already ridiculously simple system even easier!!

Firstly there's that calculator that I mentioned earlier.

Because we've had loads more time and opportunity to work on this, we've been able to develop a very special calculator that minimises even further the already small losses that you would naturally expect with a system like this!

Even though these minimal losses happen nowhere near as often as the wins, this calculator can literally turn approximately three quarters of these into break-evens or WINS anyway!!

Now I won't go into the details of how it works here but essentially all this involves is taking literally a few seconds of your time before a race is run, punching in a few numbers and then sitting back and enjoying additional profits from even more wins than ever before!

Shortly after, we also developed the amazing new 'Multi-Level Cashout' feature which allows you to increase your profits on your winning trades AND reduce losses on your losing trades still further, essentially by 'spreading your risk', just as the bookmakers do (... and let's face it, you never see a poor bookmaker do you?).

Now the Multi-Level Cashout feature is extremely easy to use and the great thing about it is that you can either run it alongside the special calculator above or use it as a standalone system on its own. Either way, this exciting new development gives YOU yet another great tool to add to your own arsenal for successful trading!

Since the end of 2016, we've been sending out well over 100 opportunities a month for you to choose from various races that were taking place in England.

However, due to continual updates and improvements we've made since then if you decide to join us there are even MORE profitable opportunities for you to cash in!

Of course, we've invested time and energy making sure that people who use the system are properly supported.

As such, although you can now simply choose to cash out 20 minutes before a race actually starts, anyone joining us will also get access to a concise overview at 10am every weekday morning from Lee, telling you exactly what the optimum time and price should be in order to get the absolute maximum profit on each trade ...

In other words, this incredible level of support makes the decision to get started with this PROVEN money maker the ultimate no-brainer!!!

Of course, if you've never done anything like this before, you may be wondering how easy it is to actually place these trades but you don't need to worry ...

I've had some videos recorded on EXACTLY how to do this step-by-step ...

PLUS ...

I've also had a supporting manual written on how you can get the best out of the system ...

... so you can genuinely make between £500 and up to £1,000 per month (... or more if you want to) of additional tax-free income with what I believe is genuinely the least amount of effort of ANY system on the market!

Seriously, when you just see how easy I'm talking here, I promise you, you're going to be astounded!

... this system is going to be the easiest way to make it happen!

It's highly exciting stuff and I'm delighted to be able to offer it to you.

Now, with all that said, you're probably wondering what this amazing opportunity is going to cost you?

Well, remember, we're going to give you every single piece of information you need to do this ...

... we're going to do all the research 7 days a week to find trades for you and then send you notifications of exactly what you've got to do in order to easily make an average of between £500 and £1,000 or more tax-free cash every month for just a few minutes effort a day.

Use My Two Minute Trader PLUS system for a

Normally, access to Two Minute Trader PLUS is a very reasonable £79.96 a month ... but if you join before midnight on 23rd January you can use it for the first 30 days 'on me'...

Yes, I'll give you FULL ACCESS to Two Minute Trader PLUS for a full 30 days and you can keep every single penny you make ... and at any point during those 30 days, in the highly unlikely event that you don't want to continue using the amazing 2 Minute Trader Plus system, simply let us know and we'll cancel your subscription with no hard feelings.

If, however, you've seen exactly what difference an extra tax-free £500 to £1000 each month can make to your lifestyle - then carry on enjoying the benefits of the Two Minute Trader System for as long as you want, paying just £79.96 month.

Let me be really clear, there are no contracts to keep you locked in for a specific number of months and no weasel clauses to tie you up, in fact there's nothing to catch you out ...

It's just a simple matter of as long as you stay subscribed, every evening between 6pm and 9pm, we'll send trades directly to your smartphone as they occur for you to take if you want them.

All you then have to do is close those trades out after 11.00 am the following day, although to make this even easier for you, every weekday morning you'll also get clear and simple information from Lee around 10.00 am giving you the optimum time to close those trades for absolute maximum profit.

With everything that's on offer here, well to be perfectly frank, you'd be crazy not to give this a go.

Seriously, I honestly don't think there's anything else like this around anywhere ...

The potential to make between £500 and £1,000 extra tax-free cash every month or more for so little effort and at so little cost ...

... well I just think it's unheard of!

By the way, just in case you have any questions, let me just answer some of the things that may be on your mind.

Q. Do I have to use a smartphone or can I use my computer, tablet or iPad instead?

A. Certainly you can use a tablet or iPad or any other mobile device which can receive emails and allows you to access the internet but there are several good reasons why we say you should not use a computer to place your trades. One of these is that some (... but not all) of the trades selected for you will be quite time sensitive so it makes sense to be able to do this when you may not be near a computer. Also, as I mentioned earlier, using a mobile device is one of the clever ways that we use to avoid drawing too much attention to ourselves and finally, you will find that the sites you need to use actually work far better on a mobile device anyway!


Q. I really have no interest in horse racing, do I genuinely not have to watch it or know anything about it?

A. That's the beauty of this whole system! It will only take you a few minutes to learn what you need to do and then because we take care of the whole selection process, you really don't need to know a single thing about horse racing. And remember, your trade will be over long before the race is even run so there's never any need to watch it either!


Q. Do you alert me to every trade that your software finds?

A. Yes, every single time the software identifies an opportunity it will send you an email which has everything you need to know to place that trade.


Q. Do I have to do anything technical or install this software you're talking about?

A. Absolutely not! The software is hosted on my servers so you don't even have to think about it. All you have to do is tell us your email address when you subscribe and we'll do everything else. The only thing we don't do is actually place the trades for you!!


Q. Is there a specific time that I have to complete the trades the following day?

A. Not really, it's pretty much up to you. All you have to do is place the second part of a trade any time after 11.00 am but no later than 20 minutes BEFORE the actual race begins (... which means there's usually a 3 to 5 hour window in which you can do this). So you could just place that second part 20 minutes before the race starts, however one of the improvements we've recently introduced is to send you a summary every weekday morning around 10.00 am advising you of what we believe will be the absolute optimum time window for maximum profit on any given trade.


Q. How much time do I need to set aside for this?

A. When you receive an email all you need to do is click on your screen a few times to take the trade which generally takes less than a minute. The following day it's simply the reverse process. The entire trade takes perhaps 2 minutes in total!


Q. Can I do this from anywhere in the world?

A. Obviously there are a few countries which restrict what you can see on the internet and which websites you can use but apart from those, you can do this from anywhere in the world where you can get an internet connection.


So there we are, it's such a fantastic opportunity ... you'd be crazy to miss out on this!

And just to remind you ...

Remember ...

This system allows you to beat the bookie by buying bets the night before and selling them for a profit the next day no matter what the outcome of the race!
You can start with as little as a hundred pounds in order to get the same sort of results we did during testing but you can start with more if you want to!
During 4 months of live testing with real money we made 327 trades. Over 70% of them were profitable, 1% broke even and the remainder only showed a small loss but overall a profit of £1,868.38 was made with a £110 starting bank!
Since we launched the new improved Two Minute Trader Plus the average tax-free profit per trade is now £6.98 which is even more than we said was likely! The total profit (... using £50 advised stakes) now stands at £19,547.76 with results far exceeding what we achieved during testing!!!
Even the expected small losses can now be minimised further and often turned into wins with a unique calculator that requires just a few seconds to punch in a few numbers before a race is run!
You can bag profits like £53.67 ... £24.55 ... £14.27 and easily make an average of over £6.98 profit for every single trade you make no matter whether it wins or not. Our biggest profit during 18 weeks of live testing was a whopping £229.95 from a £50 stake!
At this time of year there are even more money making opportunities and extra selections which we provide.
This system does not require you to use free bets or do matched betting so even if you’ve grabbed money from these in the past this system is still for you.
There are no complicated strategies to learn and you don’t have to stay glued to a screen all day, once subscribed we will simply email direct to your smartphone every evening between 6pm and 9pm each trade the moment it's identified. You then simply close the trade the next day at any time up to 20 minutes before the race actually begins.
New subscribers will receive a DAILY overview from Lee every weekday morning at 10.00 am telling you exactly what the optimum time window to close the trades should be in order to get the absolute maximum profit for each horse. Of course you don't have to be tied to this, if you want to, you can simply cash out at any time that suits you up to 20 minutes before the race.
On average there are well over 100 viable trades to take every month.
You can buy your bets using your smartphone in less than than a minute so this system hardly interferes with your evening at all.
Our system works because we have exclusive access to a huge amount of data on every single horse racing bet that's placed online every day. This means we effectively have a 'crystal ball' into seeing which horses will be popular with gamblers the next day and thus have their odds reduced as we get closer to the race ( ... making the bet more expensive). We take advantage of this increase in value and sell these bets on for a profit the next day.
This system works 7 days a week and requires about a minute of work the night before a race to buy your bets and a few minutes the next day to sell them on for a profit.
We provide all the videos on EXACTLY how to do this step-by-step with a supporting manual on how you can get the best out of this system and make between £500 and up to £1000 or more per month additional tax free income.
This is NOT gambling ... you don't need to know a thing about horses or watch any racing, this is pure trading and profits can be made before a race is even run!

Seriously, for the EASIEST MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITY you'll find, it doesn't get better than this!

So, what do you think?

Fancy grabbing yourself some extra cash?

Don't forget, my researcher, Lee, has done all 'the donkey work' for you (... please excuse the pun ) and as a result we've developed some software that will automatically scan the markets so every evening we can send you details of each trade the moment it's identified, so you just have to do the easy part ...

... you just place the trades and sit back and collect the profit!

It's not rocket science.

Anyone can do it.

Even though you'll get full video instruction and a fully comprehensive manual to make sure you know exactly what you're doing, plus my staff will always be on hand to help you should you need it, the reality is, there's absolutely nothing complicated about the whole process.

Add this to the fact that you can do everything from your smartphone in just a few minutes a day ...

... AND you can TRY IT OUT for 30 days and in the incredibly unlikely event that you don't want to continue, simply let us know and you won't owe me a penny ...

... well I think pound for pound it makes this probably THE best value money-making product on the market today!

Realistically, if you follow the system, you have absolutely nothing to lose by giving it a go.

If you want to come on board, you can subscribe today.

Simply click on the link below and you'll be taken to a secure page where you can set everything up ...

CLICK HERE NOW for 30 DAYS FREE ACCESS to the Two Minute Trader Plus system and get your money-making trades sent to you every evening!

Honestly, if you actually do it, there is nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying this out.

Within the next 30 days you could easily have hundreds of pounds of extra revenue sitting in your bank account and in no time be pulling in a good £500 to £1,000 or more a month in extra tax-free cash.

One final thing ...

Simply because of the size of the market, there really is a limit to the number of people this system can support. Combine that with the extra resources I'm getting my researcher Lee to put into this ...

...  there's the additional help don't forget ...

...  the 10.00 am overview every weekday morning ...

...  PLUS, the information for the additional selections that are available each month at this time of year ...

... the bottom line is, we GENUINELY have to limit the number of places we can make available!

It's not marketing hype, it's just the reality of the situation so as soon as we have enough subscribers, this offer will close.

After that, the only way to get the opportunity to make so much easy money again, will be if someone else drops out for any reason (... which is highly unlikely of course as they'll already be making so much extra regular tax-free cash themselves)!

As I said, numbers are limited so if you don't want to miss out on this fantastic opportunity to genuinely put an extra £500 to £1,000 or more tax-free cash into your bank every month, with virtually zero effort, I strongly urge you to get in on this RIGHT NOW ... certainly don't leave it longer than 48 hours (... and even then it might be too late)!

Don't wait a moment longer, pop in your details on the next page, put it to the test and start enjoying this today.


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CLICK HERE NOW for 30 DAYS FREE ACCESS to the Two Minute Trader Plus system and get your money-making trades sent to you every evening!

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CLICK HERE NOW for 30 DAYS FREE ACCESS to the Two Minute Trader Plus system and get your money-making trades sent to you every evening!


DON'T FORGET, with the amazing, PROVEN Two Minute Trader Plus ...

If you'd got in on this ridiculously simple LOW COST system when we launched the original version back at the end of 2016 and taken all the selections (... even the losing ones) you'd been offered ...

... staking just £50 like Lee ...

... by now, you'd genuinely ALREADY have made a
clear tax-free profit of £19,547.76!


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CLICK HERE NOW for 30 DAYS FREE ACCESS to the Two Minute Trader Plus system and get your money-making trades sent to you every evening!

See what some of our users are saying ...

"Hello again Lee,

If you follow the 2MT instructions, it is amazing additional income. I started with £400 bank and in 2 months I build up to £1,500. With £1,500 in my trading bank, I could make anything between £400-700. However, you got to follow the system and if you are not sure ask 2MT people, I found them always, very helpful.

All the best"


"Thanks Lee,

I've been using 2 Minute Trader for 3 months now & provided you follow the instructions, you will make money. And it does literally take 2 minutes & even less. Thanks for introducing this product.


Pete Nicholson

"Hi Lee,

What I like about 2MT is it's one of the most consistent, and easiest ways to make money I have come across. I was making money within the first week.

One of my best trades, using just £50 stakes, made me a profit of £251.36, which wasn't bad for a couple of minutes work on a Sunday afternoon.

I get all the selections to my phone which makes placing the trades as fast and as easy as sending a text.. I'd recommend this to anybody and I'm glad I got on board when it first came out.

Lee is one of the most helpful people I know, and he genuinely wants you to succeed.

Christopher J Brown


I started on the 29th with £25 stakes and have made £201 Profit.‎ So far great.


"I am over the moon with this service. It has been less than a week and I have turned a serious profit since I joined and even posted today that I am so happy it’s a Monday ;-).

Thank you"


" Hi Lee, Just dropping a note to say thanks again for the great service.

Did you trade Bordeaux Bill today? I backed at 4, then layed for a small profit at 3.5, I was busy doing family stuff, so only checked my account well after the race, and found I had won £400 (inc stake) from a £50 lay bet, so £350 profit - £145 lay bet = £205 profit.

It must have had a starting price of 8 !!!!!! This is by far my biggest single win : )"


"Hi Lee

I haven't been with you right from the start - but wish I had ... I've certainly enjoyed enough good results to give me the confidence ... For your info, I turned 70 recently & am very keen to "retire"...

Thanks again for all your great tips, & especially for the morning overview update, as well as the occasional "last minute VIP info" you sometimes send through during the afternoons - it is all very helpful & much appreciated.


...been meaning to call every day this week to say a BIG THANK YOU for your fantastic on-going efforts...


...Today's trading has paid for the dinner & show I'd booked & given my wife for Xmas! Brilliant, thank you. All the best for a fantastic 2017."

Chris Ornstien

"Hey guys,

Firstly I would like to thank you for providing such an awesome system that is backed up with awesome customer service...

Thanks guys,"


"It is a good product and it's made me good money since I joined, over £1,000 easily in 2 months ...

Thank you,"


"Wow Stamp your feet !!! Thanks at 6.5 got 162.50 inc stake :) Bet 365 up £66.31 on £25 stake"


"Hi Lee

Thank you so much for giving us such a great product...

Best wishes"

Chris Hayes

"Hi guys,

A quick note to say thanks for this opportunity. It's certainly helped pay for a few (Christmas) pressies.

Best regards"

Bryan Flint

"Good morning

Just wanted to say thanks for all your work in making your product a success for all of us! Been having a great profit every month!"


" ... simple to understand and does exactly what it says on the tin"

Philip Young

"First month & I'm up just over £250 ... Many thanks"

Bill Winters

"Hi Guys,
You mentioned in an email the other day it brings a smile when we beat the bookies.
I started trading on the 17th Feb and today I put my results into a filterable spreadsheet so I can see the results against each bookie easily and my overall profit. Well I'm up with you guys and am £209 in profit.

Brings a good smile to me to.

Great service. Best regards"

Dave Fleming

"Hi, I just wanted to say how much I love this :) and thank you for the great work you put in. This is a lot of fun :)

I'm addicted now :)

Thanks, Take care"

Per Jonsson


CLICK HERE NOW for 30 DAYS FREE ACCESS to the Two Minute Trader Plus system and get your money-making trades sent to you every evening!


CLICK HERE NOW for 30 DAYS FREE ACCESS to the Two Minute Trader Plus system and get your money-making trades sent to you every evening!


Important small print: This system requires you to have access to some of the most popular online bookmaker sites. If you haven't opened an online account before, don't worry, we show you how to do everything in the training videos and the instruction manual.

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